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Welcome to a space for the…

creative + magical + curious + conscious

She who is ready to…

To listen to that wild inner calling…

To receive the story etched on her soul…

To rewrite her narrative…

To step forward into service…

Take a journey to…


your wild truth + impact



Reconnect to your ancient roots and the wisdom of story. For in all of us lives the spirit of the storyteller. We have merely forgotten and lost these stories throughout time.




Poet. Writer. Feminist. Impact Junkie. Realm Traveler.

Visceral truth teller.

Wisdom Keeper.

Like the fairytale character Baba Yaga, I am comfortable in the deepest parts of the dark forest, playing on the edges of the creative and Otherworldly. I support womxn to remember and reclaim through the alchemy of story medicine - using it to illuminate, reveal, and clarify their truth.

Gather round the fire…

I hold space for womxn to unearth wild and sovereign wisdom from their own layers of stories.

To invoke the act of intentional remembering.

To shed the film of social conditioning.

To unravel and reweave the threads of their life story - to create an intricate pattern of embodied truth.

To reveal a rawness that honors their most wild and socially conscious self.

From this place of transformation, womxn are activated.

I created Rebellious Woman Revolution as an evolving container for womxn from all walks of life to experience the illumination of story medicine and use this truth telling medicine to create a movement for social change, within and without.

I believe story is medicine.

Medicine for

self transformation.

Medicine for

social change.

Story is a healing and activating modality in its own right. It has the power to heal and activate the individual and heal and activate the collective. The unfolding captivates us and connects us, speaking to our soul and human existence.

Stories have always been at the heart of the matter for me.

From a young age, I was an avid devourer of story - with my nose always in a book. Things haven’t changed much. My safe place is still a book shop brimming with novels - a sense of ease washes over me, like I’m surrounded by old friends.

As with many shapeshifters, my journey has taken various forms to deliver and integrate lessons and stories.

As a humanitarian worker…I came to understand with the similarities and divergences in certain traditions and culture - traveling, observing and interacting with people, continuing to be inspired by individual and collective stories.

I delved into areas of practice that enriched me with the knowledge and importance of identity, empowerment, creative solutions and community.

I didn’t know then, but these words would become pillars of my “whys.”

Then the winds changed and the traditional non-profit/corporate structures started to burn me out; no longer my vehicle for social change. Being passionate about writing, truth telling, stories [especially of the Otherworld], I set out to create a new way of initiating and rippling impact.

As a womxn, I deeply desire for all womxn to embody their own wild truth, wisdom, confidence, and resilience so that they can activate and amplify their voice and personal power.

I believe in the sharing of stories infused with sacred rage and using them to catalyze change. I believe in the power of being in sacred space with other womxn experiencing transformation.

The story medicine delivered through the Rebellious Woman Revolution movement is about supporting even one woman to radically rewrite her story and ripple its impact out in her community.

As a creative…For a time, I had forgotten that I am a writer. After embracing this identity, I then avoided writing out of fear of not being good enough.

It was only after remembering and integrating the journey and medicine of story that I was able to reclaim this part of myself through poetry and other written musings. I believe that creativity is a vital life force to create social change in the world - we need only harness its immense power.

As a mama to two sweet tiny boys [Jasper + Noah], it is vital for me to be an inspiration for my children to listen to their intuition and follow their creative gifts. I also like to believe I’m raising the next generation of the revolution for social good!



The part of you who led you here is curious and craving how to re-wild her soul and make a bigger impact in the world.

Your wild + conscious feminine is waiting…

Remember her story.

Reclaim her story.

Radically rewrite the bones of your story…


The Story Alchemist Journey

  • Illuminating and nurturing your visceral truth through visualization and expressive writing

  • Playing with archetypes, mythology, fairytales, and Otherworld stories

  • Healing, releasing, integrating, and rewriting layers

  • Experiencing storytelling in sacred circle

  • Connecting, collaborating, and co-creating in a sisterhood of Story Alchemists

  • Embracing ritual and everyday mystical tools

  • Reclaiming your voice, inner knowing, and personal power

  • Strengthening self confidence and resilience

  • Embracing a greater level of social consciousness

  • Embodying your misfit magic for a mission of social impact

  • Taking bold and courageous action as a Changemaker

  • Smashing perfection and embracing the mess

TRUTH - This path is not linear.

Some days you will feel like the Tower - messy, confused AF and burning everything down.

Some days you will feel like the High Priestess - having a deep, wise knowing and faith in how things are unfolding.

Regardless of the path - you are ready to show up…

Embody Serpent Woman to shed layers that do not serve you

Call on your intuition and magic and the wisdom beyond the veil to create an empowering narrative

Channel Spider Woman to reweave the threads of your story



Surround yourself in sisterhood - a community where you can lean in during your journey.

We heal in sacred space, sharing our stories with each other. Womxn are most creative in co-creation. We activate each other and draw strength from our collective energies.



Courage will be one of the most powerful tools in transforming your story. Activate and amplify your voice and personal power.



Break free from layers of conditioning - the shoulds; the obligations; the inner critic. Peel them back - from all the way back.

Create freedom from the things that have been keeping you misaligned and disconnected from your own healing.



Remember you are a wild womxn. The earth and all her elements are within you - energetically bountiful in your physical and spiritual self - draw strength from this place as many womxn have before you. Your deepest truth is wild in itself, entwined in ancient roots.



Learn to expressively write from a place of deep inner knowing and creativity. Entice words and stories to channel through you from beyond the veil.


Uncover wisdom that will guide you in releasing, healing, and taking inspired action.


SOCIAL change

You’ve emerged from the flames of transformation. As within - so without. Bring momentum from your wild truth to the movement for social change. Stories transcend boundaries, storytellers are vessels for social change.




Sacred Circle

Come sit in sacred space with other womxn to infuse magic and be witnessed in your story.



A private community of wild womxn who deeply desire to remember and reclaim their wild truth in sisterhood and channel a movement of social change from these wild truths.


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Activism. Sacred Sisterhood. Re-Wilding.


1:1 support

Together we will explore how your own story medicine journey can be alchemized to remember and reclaim your wild truth and activate it for social change in your life and business.


copywriting services

Writing services for entrepreneurs who are seeking support to align their business content in a way that reflects their own powerful identity and story.

I use the term ‘womxn’ to mean woman, women, womyn, womxn, trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

It is my intention to make my services and creations accessible to womxn in all situations. Sliding scale options are available, please send me an email for further details.


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“Meghan was able to see the potential that I was not yet able to see in myself, giving me the kind of support that instilled in me a huge dose of confidence. From that place I was able to shift the belief and act bravely in pursuit of what I wanted in my humanitarian career. I know she will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of many women!”

-Nino Gvetadze

Humanitarian Consultant for UN Agency

Review forSocial impact visioning ebook.jpg

“This e-book was jammed full of juicy bits about not only what a socially conscious business looks like, but also how to go about creating one.

I especially loved the journal prompts so that the readers can get engaged. This allows for a "stop and absorb" point in the book, where the reader gets to reflect on different intentions of social impact and think about how to put them into practice. 

You can see and feel how much work was put into this living, breathing extension of Meghan’s work. It will help so many beautiful boss babes out there!”

-Meaghan Wall

Sacred Numbers Finance


remember your wild.

Reclaim her.

Activate her story for social change.


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