Embark on A

Story Medicine Journey

  • Illuminate and nurture your visceral truth through visualization and expressive writing

  • Play with archetypes, mythology, fairytales, and Otherworld stories

  • Heal, release, integrate layers of social conditioning

  • Experience storytelling in sacred circle

  • Connect, collaborate, and co-create in sisterhood

  • Embrace ritual and everyday mystical tools that honor story as medicine

  • Reclaim your voice, inner knowing, and personal power

  • Strengthen self confidence and resilience

  • Embrace a greater level of social consciousness

  • Take bold and courageous action as a Changemaker

  • Smash perfection and embrace a messy narrative

This path will not be linear.

Storymakers are vessels for Truth + Social Change.

Along the way you will be supported by the wisdom of characters and archetypes…

Serpent Woman to shed layers that do not serve you

Baba Yaga to call on your intuition and magic with ferocity

Isis to drive you to establish your own inner (and outer) Queendom

Brigit to get the creative and poetic rivers flowing

Persephone to show you the secret blessings of the Underworld

Spider Woman to reweave the threads of your story



Surround yourself in sisterhood - a community where you can lean in during your journey.

We heal in sacred space, sharing our stories with each other. Womxn are most creative in co-creation. We activate each other and draw strength from our collective energies.



Courage will be one of the most powerful tools in transforming your story. Activate and amplify your voice and personal power.



Break free from layers of conditioning - the shoulds; the obligations; the inner critic. Peel them back - from all the way back.

Create freedom from the things that have been keeping you misaligned and disconnected from your own healing.



Remember you are a wild womxn. The earth and all her elements are within you - energetically bountiful in your physical and spiritual self - draw strength from this place as many womxn have before you. Your deepest truth is wild in itself, entwined in ancient roots.



Learn to expressively write from a place of deep inner knowing and creativity. Entice words and stories to channel through you from beyond the veil.


Uncover wisdom that will guide you in releasing, healing, and taking inspired action.


SOCIAL change

You’ve emerged from the flames of transformation. As within - so without. Bring momentum from your wild truth to the movement for social change. Stories transcend boundaries, storytellers are vessels for social change.