The Power of Healing Through Self Awareness and Reflection

We have the power to heal ourselves, but first we must look inwards.

“Awareness provides the solution to every human problem that has a solution.” – Bill Harris

Have you ever found yourself harden after a certain incident or interaction? This reactiveness (rather than responsiveness) creates a domino effect of unmindful repetition and negative energy along our life path.

What if instead you softened? No more knee-jerk reactions, but instead you focused on reflection. A practice that allows you to respond in an attentive and positive way to the situation at-hand. A response that will ultimately best serve yourself and others.

This is self awareness.

Habits create our life experiences, but most of our habits are unconscious. Being able to notice what you are doing and/or thinking as you are doing it as well as the consequences associated with this behavior is the culmination of being self aware.

By making an intention to practice self awareness, you increase your state of consciousness and open to receive what the universe and others have to offer you, rather than walling yourself off to the realm of possibility. Stepping forward you become more deliberate about engaging in what serves you and those around you [and refraining from what does not serve you].

Look inward rather than outward. Reflect rather than blame. By harnessing this approach, you can begin to understand the roots behind why you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually feel the way you do in a situation and begin to healing and thriving.

We all know there are consequences for our actions. But there is serious power behind taking ownership of our reactions, even in simple situations. How we choose to face daily occurrences can distinguish whether we live in harmony or chaos.

By shifting your perspective you become more intentional and less reactive in how you experience life. By energetically shifting in favor of daily practices in self awareness and reflection, you will open to a wealth of gifts from the universe.