Goldilocks, the Nomadic Spirit

Identity Series

I feel the surge of my nomadic self rising under the very surface of my skin. 

As I was clearing away the energetic debris during my meditation, I saw a little girl, a Goldilocks, who drank the universe's energy by hopping from place-to-place. 

She was universal in her love for many different types of people and places, holding each moment in awe. Home was everywhere because it was truly in her heart.

All she needed lived inside of her. The people she loved were always within reach through her heart space. 

This is who I am, how I feel. 

While it feels good to nest into a physical home, it only feels this way if I settle my heart into acceptance and embrace the love in those moments. Otherwise the yearning roils and pulls. 

It calls to me as a whisper, first like a breeze in a deep dark forest and then whirls in momentum into a howl of a wild pack calling out to me to respond. 

The love of discovery is written in my DNA, such an intrinsic trait that there is no denying its presence. 

I feel a singing in my bones - to experience the world through all of its enclaves. 

For years my work and lifestyle was married with travels across the globe. I moved every couple years and even transferred colleges often (a whole four times)! This early stage of motherhood has caused a major slow down for this spirit side of mine. But I know this is only a pause, a tiny ebb in the bigger flow of my life. 

I still value my inner Goldilocks - she is a huge part of who I am. Rather than letting the restlessness consume me, I honor her through small rituals that nurture her and ensure her continuous thriving until it is once again her time to shine. 

It is essential that we honor all parts of our identity, while also understanding that our life is a culmination of seasons. 

Do you also have a nomadic spirit? How do you honor her?


*Photo by Allie Monday Photography