I See You Mama

I see you Mama. 

You feel pulled in all directions. And what you thought was your path, no longer seems to fit. 

You’re unsure...        Unsure of who you are anymore and your purpose beyond motherhood, unsure of how to embrace a way of living that has space for freedom and your babes, and unsure of how to do any of this with confidence and ease. 

You feel overwhelmed and blocked. And let me guess, this cycle is self perpetuating...

There is also an incessant nudge from your gut that you are meant for more in this life and you are meant to create something incredible in this life (besides your amazing children, obviously). 

I get it, I was totally there. 


After my son was born prematurely, my life mirrored only fragments of my former one. Emerging from our days in the NICU - I felt lost - crushed by the weight of postpartum mood disorders and caring for a preemie. There was no going back to my former career in overseas humanitarian work or carrying on my path as before. The following months only perpetuated my state of limbo into a full blown identity crisis

Don’t get me wrong, I was deeply consumed with joy for my beautiful tiny boy getting bigger and us bonding in our days at home. But as the months went on, my mind wandered to frustration, mental anguish, and emotional debilitation over feeling purposeless outside of my role as a mother. 

I was not thriving. And can you guess why? 

Unrealized potential is one of MY BIGGEST FEARS. 

The realization that I could keep going in this lower vibration and never reach my highest potential motivated me to embark on a journey to rewrite my story

I truly believe that for so many of us, when you aren't living aligned with your truth and soul purpose, the universe will do something to shatter you in a way that you will have to put yourself intentionally back together. In that time you can decide to go for it or to stay right where you are (in that stay small comfort zone place). 

Well, I made up my mind. There was no other choice for me, but to go after it. 

To do the damn thing. 

Yes there IS fear/self doubt/mom guilt/frustration/overwhelm/etc.etc. But by doing the f*cking work (the inner + outer work) to step into the best/fiercest/most badass version of myself, I nurture and inspire my family (my children), elevate myself towards my highest self, and propel myself into a position to give back immense amounts of social good. 

And I’m still evolving on this journey.