An Important Meeting

I met her and she is spectacular.

A shapeshifter of the wild feminine and nomadic realm traveler.

There I sat in my secret garden on my most comfortable chair of beaten, muddy leather. My familiar - Fox - was laying - so lazily mind you - in front of a roaring fireplace carefully crafted from uneven wetstones. Flickers of light from the cackling flames spilled over piles of books - giving off that library sort of smell. Surrounding us were tendrils of wild plants - they crept up towards us - sending air kisses and whispers of my intuitive knowings.

She entered my secret garden, with an air of complete ease in my sacred space. I gladly gave her my chair and knelt to listen to her stories and wisdom. Despite this being their first encounter, Fox rallied herself and found her way to nuzzle our visitor. Naturally, I thought, because she is of my own essence. She is the consciousness of my creative endeavors and she’s come to impart an important message.

She looked weathered in the most captivating way - as though layers of wisdom revealed themselves in human form. She admitted that her shapeshifter energy has been fed by stories of my adaptability - but the time has come to stop creating from my Ego and let things be born by a more natural occurrence, by a more ancient medicine.

Story is the way.

Story is medicine.

Story is my medicine.

There is a reason the shapeshifter and the Fox get along.

That trickster energy…

The next chapter is unfolding…