The Seedling

The seedling does not compare itself to the tree…

Seasons are for us just as much as they are for the natural world around us. Especially as women - sometimes I’m surprised that my blood is red instead of green. 

Un-Become - Release - Activate - Incubate - Flourish - Integrate - Become. 
Over and over again we cycle through. 

Aware or not. When we remember Her, she nourishes us. When we forget Her, we become disconnected. 

Disruption is a natural occurrence - disconnection is not. 

Sometimes all we need to realign with our natural cycle is to give ourselves permission to live our life in seasons. To listen to when it is time for us to act and when it is time for us to rest. To stop being so hard on ourselves.

To remember that our journey is not an hourglass of sand quickly running out.

Meghan Corneal