Sacred Circle

“Stories are our most transformational allies as we navigate how we move through the world. ”

Come sit in sacred space with other womxn to infuse magic and be witnessed in your story.



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Intuitive writing services

Think of words as your ally as you call in your community and carve out your place in the world.

I offer word witching copywriting services to entrepreneurs who are seeking to put creative language to a vision born from truth and purpose.


1:1 story alchemy

Together we will explore how your own story medicine journey can be alchemized to remember and reclaim your wild truth and activate it for social change in your life and business.

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Activism. Sacred Sisterhood. Re-Wilding.

It is my intention to make my services and creations accessible to womxn in all situations. Sliding scale options are available, please send me an email for further details.



The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will..png

“Working with Meghan was like coming back to what my soul wanted to share with the world. She intuitively knew the deep questions to ask me so that I could get out of my head and into my heart and soul.

She has a way of writing words that literally come to life with so much emotion. Now I understand why Meghan calls her work “Story Medicine.” It really is medicine for the soul to speak through the words on the paper.

If you desire for your words to come to life with emotion, schedule a time to talk with Meghan. Her copywriting is pure Magick!”

-Tracy Neely

Intuitive Healer, Soul Priestess, Mindset Mentor


"I am so grateful to receive the wisdom that Meghan channels through the medium of story.

The first Story Medicine Circle I went to activated something potent within me. I was surprised at the depths I was able to feel into - using archetypes, inner work, and journey - to navigate my own story. It was truly a rich medicinal experience.

Meghan clearly shows integrity with the work she shares. It was soulful, aligned, magical… and I am excited to explore more story medicine through her work!”

-Jessica r.

Sacred Circle Holder + Energy Alchemist


“Meghan was able to see the potential that I was not yet able to see in myself, giving me the kind of support that instilled in me a huge dose of confidence. From that place I was able to shift the belief and act bravely in pursuit of what I wanted in my humanitarian career. I know she will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of many women!”

-Nino Gvetadze

Humanitarian Consultant for UN Agency


“This e-book was jammed full of juicy bits about not only what a socially conscious business looks like, but also how to go about creating one.

I especially loved the journal prompts so that the readers can get engaged. This allows for a "stop and absorb" point in the book, where the reader gets to reflect on different intentions of social impact and think about how to put them into practice. 

You can see and feel how much work was put into this living, breathing extension of Meghan’s work. It will help so many beautiful boss babes out there!”

-Meaghan Wall

Sacred Numbers Finance