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Welcome to a space for womxn who are…


Socially Conscious


A womxn who is ready…

To remember her wild nature and the story etched on her bones…

To release the heaviness and untruths of her existence…

To reclaim her truth and rewrite her narrative…

To activate herself and her sisters for social change…

Rebellious Woman Revolution is an evolving and inclusive container for womxn to experience the illumination and potency of story medicine - to reveal our truths and tell them.

*I use the term ‘womxn’ to mean woman, women, womyn, womxn, trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.


Poet. Writer.

Story Medicine Keeper.


Like the fairytale character Baba Yaga, I am comfortable in the deepest parts of the dark forest - an eternal edge-dweller and shapeshifter.

Come with me into the Land of Story and Dream

I deeply desire for all womxn to embody their own wild truth, wisdom, confidence, and resilience so that they can amplify their voice and stand in their own power.

Story is integral to this healing and activation, as a modality for both the individual and for the collective.

The unfolding captivates us and connects us - speaking to the very bones of our existence + purpose.

Stories have always been at the heart of the matter for me. From a young age, I was an avid devourer of story - with my nose always in a book. Things haven’t changed much. My safe place is still a book shop brimming with novels - a sense of ease washes over me, like I’m surrounded by old friends.

Story Medicine called to me and I heeded her call…

As a Story Medicine Keeper, I serve as a conduit for this particular medicine to reveal its magic - activating womxn in their creative expression, healing and integration of their stories, amplifying their power and voice, and communing for social change.

In holding space for womxn to unearth and alchemize wisdom from layers of story, I support them in illuminating their truth and sharing it with the world.


story is medicine.

Before we ever had the written word, our ancestors used oral traditions of folklore, wonder tales, mythology, and interpretation of dreams and visions to pass the torch of wisdom across the land and generations. Lore is rooted in the soul of a place and the culture of its people.

I believe that the old stories hold keys to unlocking our modern potential - reclaiming our power as womxn and our relationship with the wild world around us.

Medicine for

self transformation

Medicine for

Social Change

We are all storytellers, we have just lost touch with this part of our essence through the generations.

Story Medicine invites you to reclaim the identity of the storyteller and storymaker with an open heart and playfulness. She asks you to hold reverence for a story and its teller, because creativity is a vital life force to create change within and without - we need only harness its immense power.

Stories ask for us to vulnerably share & deeply listen.

Stories dismantle and transcend barriers.

They invoke both our intuition + imagination.

They reconnect us to our ancient roots and the wisdom of our truths.

The story medicine delivered through the Rebellious Woman Revolution movement is about supporting a womxn to radically rewrite her story and create a ripple effect.

Gather round the fire…

To invoke the act of intentional remembering.

To shed the film of social conditioning.

To unravel and reweave the threads of your narrative.

To re-imagine an intricate pattern of embodied truth.

To reveal a rawness that honors your most wild self.

To rise in socially conscious sisterhood.

You are invited to embark on a Story Medicine Journey




remember your wild.

Reclaim her.

Activate her story for social change.




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